The cardboard used for the Laptup™  products is Iggesund Invercote® Duo. Iggesund Paperboard’s mother company, the Holmen Group, has gained a place on the Global 100, an index of the hundred most sustainable corporations in the world. Holmen ranks 21 and is the only company from the forest industry on the prestigious list. 

Founded in 1685, this Swedish company is one of the leading paper producers of the world. Invercote Creato is a premium cardboard and the top of the line product of Iggesund, because of it's high white-scale, extraordinary stability and 100% sustainability.

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Invercote® is a three-layered sulphate-cardboard, FSC® certified, two-sided ironed and 100% chlorine- and woodfree. All used wood is from the company's own forrests, where for each tree harvested, 3 trees are planted back. The material is processed in a CO2 neutral paper factory that is 100% fuelled by bio fuels. Throughout the production process the production of waste materials is eliminated. Uncompromising quality, 100% sustainable until the last fiber. The extraordinary whiteness combined with superior stiffness make Invercote® Creato the perfect material for the next generation's premium products.

All paint used is waterbased. Environmentally unfriendly solvents are avoided. The surfaces of the cardboard are laminated with environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP). The production of Invercote® Creato uses only solar energy, geothermal heat and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system.



Quotes regarding Invercote® Creato Duo by the PSI Sustainability Awards

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  • Invercote® is not only pleasant for the recipient, but also for the environment. The printing and finishing work is carried out according to the highest standards for environmental management (EQM 9000: 2008 and ISO 14001)


  • Invercote is a FSC® certified cardboard from responsibly managed forests and produced entirely CO2 neutral.


  • "That's how it should be, this is what a winner looks like!" Judged the jury of the PSI Sustainability Awards who chose 'Invercote Creato Duo' as the winner in the category "most sustainable product 2016"


  • High-end material is a prerequisite for high-end quality in an end product, which is why the winning product consists of 2 layers of 400g / m2 Invercote Creato from Iggesund, the Invercote Creato Duo.